Project: “Social Fabric”
@ Arc Artist Residency, Romainmotier, Switzerland
June 2016

Social Fabric is a collaborative project of Anastasia Starostenko (NL-RU) and Asli Hatipoglu (NL-TR), both working in the domain of socially engaged textile art.
The research started with the aim to find ways in collaboration to reflect the region (using local materials) into a piece of textile, an imprint of impressions and connections the artists would have with the place they reside for a month.
By following processes of washing, carding, spinning and dyeing three woolen fleeces, originated from three local sheeps of Romainmotier, Asli and Anastasia got in contact with the local people on every step of their way, in search for tools and guided by the ‘needs’ of the material. While giving these raw materials a shape, a form, the contacts which they have been introduced connected them to a bigger network of people living in the region, to events, discoveries and moments, all generating a metaphysical network gathered around the old tradition.
The wool became the navigator of the stories. It created a different entrance to the environment, offering ‘another’ kind of interaction and changing how ‘we’ relate to each other based on the materiality of the shared subject. The material allowed both artists to create a portrait of the moment, a journey towards a piece of fabric, where thread serves beyond its ordinary functional purpose; representing a specific time frame, along with stories and the current landscape’s colors (an imprint of the space, dyed with the plants and flowers found in the region in June 2016) which manifest their departure in time through the change in colors through contact with light. Metaphorically respresenting a change of time.
By taking the process as the main focus and a material as a starting point, the moments and the stories gained value, extending this value back to the material.
“As the time goes by, the network expands and the material turns into threads. The threads that form the fabric are the lines that connect us to one another in a bigger network. publishing_v2.png dyed yarns romainmotier_v2.jpg