Project: “Social Fabric”

Work-in-progress Social Fabric, 4Bid gallery, OT301, Amsterdam, 25-28.05.2017
Gallery Espace d’Am Romainmotier, Switzerland, June 2017

During the presentation of this work-in-progress in 4Bid Gallery, Asli and Anastasia framed each ball of yarn which are chronologically named as letters of the alphabet (that happened to be the amount of dyes that were extracted in a month’s residency), as an imprint of a specific time frame passing today’s time with the impression of Romainmotier in mind from a year ago. While the memories were captured into balls of yarn of a specific day, the balls of yarns now are taking another form by setting their roots as a stage, a warp, base of a fabric. The portraits are intuitive sketches which gain value by the opportunity to be staged, soon to unravel in order to construct the Social Fabric using their given letters. They invite guests to touch, feel, smell their journey along time.

The two artists are engaged with each other as the material was the starting point of their collaborative communication. In the Social Fabric, as yarns to become a piece of fabric of this communication, the artists constructed a backstrap loom which they need one another’s existence to weave. The warp is based on 2 fleeces of sheep, in chronological order of time which they are spun into threads with different thickness from the moments. This order resembles a barcode, an optical, machine-readable representation of data which usually describes something about the object that carries the barcode. A barcode that follows a certain numeric order but cannot be machine read anymore. The textile manifests as a language, a communication tool, a connecting piece that goes beyond from remaining as a commodity, a product. 2020-10-29 at 11_32_48_v2.jpg