THE SOURDOUGH ROOM- Food Culture Days 2017
Fermentation of basic necessities to survive: Bread and poetry

The Sourdough Room is to talk about our current issues regarding a basic necessity to survive: bread. As even regarded as sacred in some cultures, The Sourdough installation is to raise the awareness and bring out curiosities for its history.

In a world where we become more detached from long processes dealing with food, fighting against the time, The Sourdough slows one down into a meditative state while making it.

There is more poetry that is put in food than we imagine.

„There is always a deep poetic line when working with food, since a form of energy and thought is put into the process of creating or producing a material that will enter someone’s body, feeding their thoughts and emotions in turn ”

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Photo credit: Rita Couto

Photo credit: Rita Couto (1).jpg

Photo credit: Rita Couto